This page is to host my experiments with math and programming. Most of the posts use the finite element modeling library Firedrake to look at some practical aspect of how to solve partial differential equations. The diagram below shows all the posts and the arrows show how they relate to each other. Every post is a Jupyter notebook which you can download and run yourself. If you want to contact me you can find an email address on my GitHub page.

posts calc Variationalcalculus stokes Stokesflow calc->stokes weyl Weyl's law calc->weyl nitsche Nitsche'smethod calc->nitsche obstacle The obstacleproblem calc->obstacle nitsche_stokes Nitsche's methodfor Stokes flow stokes->nitsche_stokes inverse_problems Inverseproblems stokes->inverse_problems yau Yau's conjecture weyl->yau kac Kac's conjecture yau->kac nitsche->nitsche_stokes convection_diffusion Convection-diffusion nitsche->convection_diffusion admm Alternatingdirectionmethod ofmultipliers nitsche->admm nitsche_nonlinear Nitsche's methodfor nonlinear PDE nitsche_stokes->nitsche_nonlinear total_variation Totalvariationregularization obstacle->total_variation conservation_laws Conservationlaws conservation_laws->convection_diffusion shallow_water The shallow waterequations conservation_laws->shallow_water inverse_problems->total_variation langevin LangevinMonteCarlo inverse_problems->langevin total_variation->admm overland_flow Overlandflow shallow_water->overland_flow rosenbrock Rosenbrockschemes shallow_water->rosenbrock symplectic Symplecticintegrators billiards Billiardson surfaces symplectic->billiards